What is Agile?

The easiest way to think about Agile is to consider how we collaborate with others. Agile is a philosophy, a set of principles, and a mindset for maximizing the value of working with other people.

Agile is all about people, and not so much about processes. Solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams utilizing the appropriate practices for their context. (Scrum is all about the process of putting Agile principles into action, you can read more about the difference between Agile & Scrum here).

Most importantly, Agile can be embraced by any organization

We’ve worked with countless organizations to transform their ancient “command and control” management style into best practices Agile collaboration. Where 1 manager used to tell their team what to do, Agile embraces the philosophy of a team working together to maximize the value of their team’s work.

A great example of Agile leadership

Perhaps a better way to communicate the spirit of Agile is to use concepts that we all are bit more familiar with. In the video below, a US submarine captain drives an intent-based leadership style to enable his team to out-perform all other submarines.

In an Intent-Based Environment it is possible for:

  • People to feel valued and proud of being a part of something bigger than themselves
  • People to know the organization’s goals and thoughtfully contribute toward their accomplishment
  • People to feel inspired, by pushing control and decision-making down the organization people take responsibility and have the authority to rise to the occasion, even during times of change
  • The organization’s success be on the shoulders of all people and not simply the “leaders”
  • Leaders to be at all levels
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